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‏2009-11-12T21:55:07Z |
I have a couple of questions on configuring alerts:

1. I need to change from file based persistence to database persistence. Which property do I need to change in file? I can see the setting for Annotations but not for alerts. Do I also need to create a JDBC JNDI datasource for the alerts database on my WAS? If yes where do i specify the JNDI name for the my datasource?

2. The default priorites for Alerts are High,Normal & Low. I need to change them to High, Medium and Low. I think the values are specified in resource bundle, but I can't find it in my workspace. What is the location of this file?
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    Re: Alerts Configuration Questions

    For your 1# question
    1. Create a database, e.g. the database name is AlertsDB.
    2. Create Alerts Module tables using the sql file in the folder "WEB-INF\solutions\alerting\db_persistence". There are three sql files in this folder, which are for DB2,Oracle and SqlServer respectively. If you are using DB2, you should use db2_alerting_tables.sql.
    3. Create a JDBC DataSource in WAS Admin Console (e.g. the JNDI name is "jdbc/AlertsDBDS"). Notice that the schema used in this DataSource should be same to the schema defined for the Alerts Module tables. The portal server maybe need to be restarted to take the new Data Source into effect.
    4. Add the following properties in (in the folder "WEB-INF\config", create it if does not exist):
    1. This property valude depends on the database
    2. DB2 -
    3. Oracle -
    4. SqlServer -

    5. If you created the project with Auto Deploy, after saving the property file, it should already be deployed to the server directory, and you need to restart the portal server or the current web application to take the properties into effect. Otherwise you need rebuild the portal war to take the properties into effect.
    6. Place the ImportDefinitions portlet on the page and use it to import all the definitions from XML to the database.
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    Re: Alerts Configuration Questions

    As the 2# question, these values are indeed specified in resource bundle, but this file is packaged in jar file - alerts_engine_nl1.jar.