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Pinned topic FileNet Capture "Shared Repository" What does that concept mean?

‏2009-11-12T21:55:46Z |
Can someone please explain what the concept of a "Shared Repository" for FileNet Capture means?

Why would I use a Shared Repository over a "non-Shared" Repository, or vice versa?

If I create a Shared Repository I'm told by the FileNet Capture 5.2 installation information to install my database server first, and create my ODBC connection.

If I already have a database (for my CE), can I use that same database for my ODBC connection? Or should I be creating a seperate database for this role, (i.e. what is the BEST practice.)? Is there anything else that I need to setup on that database?

What sort of sizing impact is going to occur on that database, (I assume this will be based on the volumes of documents I'm ingesting)? Is there any information on doing a sizing calculation?

Thanks ahead of time,

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    Re: FileNet Capture "Shared Repository" What does that concept mean?

    You can use a local (access mdb) repository or a shared (SQL) repository
    to store documents in process. For instance you want Fred to scan the
    documents and Wilma to do the index entry on another station and Betty
    does QA validation so you use create a SQL database for capture to store
    the image and stage data so everyone can access.
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    Re: FileNet Capture "Shared Repository" What does that concept mean?

    Hi James,

    A shared repository is usually used for distributed scanning/indexing (i.e. if scanning happens at once capture station and indexing needs to happen in another). In this scenario, it is imperative that the batch is shared in a common repository. Based on my personal experience, it is a safer option than non-shared because in the non-shared repository, there is a chance that the mdb file gets corrupted more often than not.

    FileNet is correct. When you install the instance of your CE, you would already be having a DB server. You need not create a separate database for a shared repository, You can use the same database create a DSN (in the machine where you want to configure Capture) which points to this DB. While you are configuring the repository in Capture Manager, you can point it to this DSN. Yes, based on the volumes of your scan, the table will get populated with the repository specific data.

    Hope this helps