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Pinned topic How to import data fiel into Metadata Workbench?

‏2009-11-11T13:31:56Z |
We have integrated Cognos with Metadata Workbench and are able to check lineage from Cognos reprots to DS jobs successfully.We are trying to enhacne it a bit more and trace it back to the actual source data files.

We din't find any option to import data files into workbench in the Import/export manger utility.What is the method or process to import data files into workbench?

Would also like to know..Will running automated services map the physical source files(*.csv or *.txt ) to the DS sequential file stage automatically?

Version:Workbench 8.1.0 and Import/Export Manager 8.1fp1 -101309

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    Re: How to import data fiel into Metadata Workbench?

    Data Files are imported via the DataStage Designer using the legacy Sequential File import. The File is imported as a Table Defition, which would require to be published as Shared Metadata. Selecting the created Table Definition, right-click the object and select Shared Table Creation Wizard.

    The attached document has more information regardng the import and publishing of a Data File.