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Pinned topic how to store lotus notes e-mails on disk as native files?

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How to store lotus mails on disk from notes domino as native files(Origin file)?
I am trying to extract mails from lotus notes and need to store the mails on disk as a native files.

The lotus notes format to extract values is:

Here NotesDocument is actually the email of lotus notes, and we we can easily extract every information or metadata of the email as in form of key and value pair, and can make one hashtable and manually make xml/ html file through this on disk.

I do require to store email on disk as of, in any file format on hard disk through any Lotus notes API/ any other suggested API so that I can easily produce this native file as evidence, in legal judiciary.

(Notes:Attached document is my trial code, but its extracting mails as notes document and storing in html format, via our manual code, and this would not be as native html file.)
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    Re: how to store lotus notes e-mails on disk as native files?

    Hi. This is the forum for Lotus Forms. You will probably find a better answer to your question on a Lotus Notes forum.