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Pinned topic ECI to CICS call (ECI_ASYNC) sometimes returns ("ECI_ERR_NO_CICS")

‏2009-11-08T11:42:45Z |
1) In TXseries hp-ux V5.1 we have reciently developed new funcionalities to connect non CICS program to a CICS server region.
The problem that we are having is the sme as the "malsi TXSERIES" had "ECI to CICS call".
We alse use the ECI program provided by IBM to connect a program (a diferent one from the example) server via (ECi_ASYNC)(ECI_GET_REPLY), sometimes this ECI client program fails returning the "ECI_ERR_NO_CICS" error.

2)We are planning to migrate this application to TXSeries hp-ux 7.1 and i have this questions?