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Pinned topic Can't get IBM.ConfigRM to work

‏2009-11-05T11:28:20Z |
The /var partition file system was corrupted before, and it was recreated by copying the /var from another node in the cluster to this node. Right now, the only thing that is not working for this server is:


  1. lssrc -a
Subsystem Group PID Status
IBM.CSMAgentRM rsct_rm 24017 active
ctrmc rsct 27155 active
ctcas rsct inoperative
IBM.ERRM rsct_rm inoperative
IBM.HostRM rsct_rm inoperative
IBM.AuditRM rsct_rm inoperative
IBM.ConfigRM rsct_rm inoperative
IBM.SensorRM rsct_rm inoperative
IBM.FSRM rsct_rm inoperative
IBM.LPRM rsct_rm inoperative

For all the other nodes, IBM.ConfigRM is active.

When I tried to manually start it using /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/IBM.ConfigRMd, I got from /var/log/messages:

IBM.ConfigRMd25781: segfault at 000000001fc11c4c rip 00000000f7d00c88 rsp 00000000ffc11c10 error 6

The node_id is correct for this node. This is Suse Linux 10, SP1. csm version is