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Pinned topic Peronalize MY RUP in RUP 7.0.1 published from RMC 7.5

‏2009-11-01T04:45:17Z |
Can some one tell me , why i am unable to personalize My RUP in RUP 7.0.1 which is published from RMC7.5

In earliest versions we were able to create our own tabs and remove / add pages. But now i dont see these options.

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    Re: Peronalize MY RUP in RUP 7.0.1 published from RMC 7.5

    Hello Dhan,

    I asked Jim Ruehlin your question, and this is his response.

    "RMC 7.5 uses new technology for rendering the browser tree in a published website. This offers a variety of benefits such as making published processes easier to deploy in an enterprise, and allowing a published process to be viewed in a portal website. The ability to create personal views was not implemented in this new technology.

    A big motivator for this is that creating personal browser views was a feature provided before RMC was created, when it was more difficult to create custom browser views (tabs) in a published process. RMC makes this much easier by allowing you to create a Custom Category with the items you want to see, and adding that Custom Category as a view in your configuration. Publishing the configuration results in the new view being available in the browser. Additionally, these custom views can be shared across configurations.

    Since everyone who uses the content has a license for the tool as well, it was decided that this was a better way to create custom views."