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Pinned topic Linux partition shows as unmonitored partition

‏2009-10-29T15:02:23Z |
The CEC agent has my Linux partition listed as an unmonitored partition. I had to enable xmquery on my AIX paritions for them to be listed as monitored partitions. What needs to be enabled on a REHL5 partition? Is there a version of xmquery, xmtopas, xmservd, etc. that runs on REHL5?

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    Re: Linux partition shows as unmonitored partition

    hello everybody! have the same problem systemp with aix lpars and linux lpars. on the cec agents all linux systems are unmonitored. what do i have to install on the linux systems to get a correct monitored status in the ITM CEC agent? xmtopas and xmservd are not available on linux!!!!

    w. schuetz