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Pinned topic HS21 "Checking Adapter 0 Loop ID 04"

‏2009-10-29T10:42:43Z |

I seems to have a problem with my HS 21. When I restarted the blade, it just hangs on "Checking Adapter 0 Loop ID 04". I've tried unplugging the FC adapter and it will work ok. However, when I plug the adapter back in, again the "Checking Adapter 0 Loop ID 04" appears. I've tried going into the QLogic FastUTIL function on the FC adapter by pressing CTRL-Q, but again it just hangs there.

Anybody have the same problem as me? Please help

My machine details is as follows:

BLADE (HS21 (Type 8853))
Q-Logic 4GB Fibre Channel network adapter expansion card (SFF)

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
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    Re: HS21 "Checking Adapter 0 Loop ID 04"

    Best place for this type of question is probably the IBM BladeCenter Forum.

    Ian Shields