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Pinned topic How does NLS to create subfolders under the WorkingDirectory ?

‏2009-10-23T06:16:49Z |
I am studying SDS-Snaplock of IS. in SDS, NLS will retrieve document from the cache and store it in a subdirectory unde the WorkingDirectory configured in NLS.cfg. I just wonder how NLS to locate the subdirectory ?

For example, in my setup, the WorkingDirectory is \snaplock, the IS system ID is 11000000, a document with doc id 100000 archived to a folder \snaplock\11000000\00\01\86. My question is how NLS to generate the relative path , i.e ..\00\01\86. Specifically, I wonder whenther I can assume this relative path should be the same if the document of the same document ID was archived to another IS with different System ID.

In other word, is that 100000 must be placed to a sub-folder \xxxx\yyyy\00\01\86, where xxxx is WorkingDirectory and yyyy is the system ID.
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    Re: How does NLS to create subfolders under the WorkingDirectory ?

    I'm not sure what is your requirement. NLS service creates all the subfolders under working directory and I didn't see any documentation provided by IBM that explain the logic of subdirectory creation.