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Pinned topic Error in Portal logs at Server Startup for WDF 6.1.1

‏2009-10-22T14:12:55Z |
I am getting the following error stack trace in my portal logs for a project deployed on my local Portal server. I am not sure why I need to set the bowstreet.rootDirectory property. I have never set this property in the past for any projects. What could I be missing here in my project.

I have WDF 6.1.2 running on Portal on Windows.
Did not realize init() exception thrown by servlet AxisServlet: java.lang.RuntimeException: The bootstrap configuration property bowstreet.rootDirectory was not defined by the Portlet Factory initialization servlet or in system properties. The Portlet Factory is not properly initialized and it should not be used in this state.
at com.bowstreet.BSConfig.initHomeDir(
at com.bowstreet.BSConfig.getHomedir(
at com.bowstreet.BSConfig.getConfigFilePath(
at com.bowstreet.BSConfig.initConfigProperties(
at com.bowstreet.BSConfig.getProperty(
at com.bowstreet.appserver.log4j.LogManagerWrapper.init(
at com.bowstreet.appserver.log4j.FactoryCategory.getCategory(
at com.bowstreet.appserver.log4j.LogCategory.getInstance(
at com.bowstreet.axis.Logger.<init>(
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    Re: Error in Portal logs at Server Startup for WDF 6.1.1

    Probably some error happens when deploy your project.
    The property should be set automatically.

    Can you have a try to rerun "build portlet war"?