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Pinned topic Applciation hangs on Futex Wait

‏2009-10-22T13:42:51Z |
I am working on fedora core 7, kernel version 2.6.21, gcc version 4.1.2. I have my user space application which communicate with my char driver using write and read system calls. I have a thread in application to send data to driver and concurrently a signal handler(user space) is registered. write calls is invoking continuously and read call is also invoking continuously on notification from driver. Here am facing a problem of "futex_wait" at one time. Even though my user space application has no mutex locking, FUTEX_WAIT is called and nothing proceeds after this and result is hangs

I got below lines form strace of my process and always getting lock at same address.

  • SIGRT_15 (Real-time signal 13) @ 0 (0) ---
futex(0x4aa700b0, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL

please give guide me to solve this issue or what could be reason for above things since am not familiar with application.
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    Re: Applciation hangs on Futex Wait

    You're a bit off-topic for this forum. Some thoughts that might help get you started.
    1) Fedora 7 has been out of maintenance for over a year. See Unsupported Fedora Releases. You should probably use a later version.
    2) A web search for "FUTEX_WAIT 2 NULL" brings up several hits. You may find some inspiration among them.

    Ian Shields