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‏2009-10-19T13:51:22Z |
All, wondering if it's possible to run a compare against 2 jvms in different cells, when the cells contain numerous jvms. I'd like to be able to compare JVM A which runs in Cell A, against JVM B which runs in CELL B. Each profile/cell has about 50 jvms. Wanted to know how much effort, or if it's even possible to run a complete compare via ant, script, etc. Thanks for your input.
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    Re: VCE automation question

    Yes, this is defintely possible to do, but the easiest way is to first compare the cells in question using the GUI interface. You would customize the compare operation by applying appropriate filters until you get the desired result, then save the compare operation to a filter set. Then you can specifiy the saved filter set in the ANT task.