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Pinned topic Avoiding Table Creation In Source DB

‏2009-10-16T15:47:35Z |

A little background about the project I'm working on, I'm working with a Change and Configuration Management DB to track changes to our fixed assets/computing systems. I have successfully developed and tested a Windows Mobile 6.1 application. We are getting ready for production deployment. I've explained the in's and out's of DB2e to my project lead and there was one minor issue we had.

We are using a JDBC subscription. We've created a mirror DB in test for a single source, our CCMDB also a test copy. Upon doing so, there are some DSY tables created in the mirror DB; but more importantly for us, also in the source DB under the username's schema you provide the MDAC with when you create a JDBC subscription.

My question is: Is there anyways to avoid table creation in the source's DB with JDBC subscriptions?

Thanks, and I will continue to search for any documentation about this.