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Pinned topic Strurs2.1.6 Issue on Websphere6.1

‏2009-10-16T14:40:49Z |
Hi WAS users,
I have problem when deploying application struts2.1.6 application on Websphere6.1 which was succefully working on apache-tomcat-5.5.23.

Initially we have received 404 errors.
Servlet filter is not called for URL resources on WAS 6.1 , configuration option has been set in server

The webcontainer custom property was set to true as per below links.

Application Servers -> <server> -> Web Container Settings -> Web Container -> Custom Properties
We have used configuration option to make it work as per information available in Websphere forums and Struts2 forums on my local websphere.

Could you suggest is this the ONLY possible solution to make struts2 work on Websphere?.Because Customer environmant already has
Many web applications running on Struts1 and other JSP,Servlet web application and Not allowed to deploy struts2 as the configuration option is Container level.

Could you please suggest is this mandatory configuration option to be set on WAS?.

Struts 1 uses - >org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet
Struts 2 uses>""

Struts2 User,Raghu