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Pinned topic Controller 8.4 - Changing a "Group" into a single entity (Subsidiary)

‏2009-10-16T13:11:04Z |

I have a couple of companies that feed into a group company within a company structure, which I'm having trouble changing.

An example of the current structure

Group company 200 = Company no. 100 + Company no. 101 + Company 200GA

(Group company 200 then feeds into another group higher up the hierachy and so on)

What I want to achieve

Next financial year company 100 and company 101 will no longer enter data into Controller as we want just one entity i.e. company 200.

However, since group company 200 is a group, Controller does not allow you to input data into it. Does anyone know how to make group company 200 a subsidiary, so data entry is possible?

I've tried disconnecting company 100 and company 101 from group company 200, but this doesn't allow you to change company 200 into a subsidiary (the option remains greyed out).

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