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Pinned topic ObjectGrid client in cics ts32 java5

‏2009-10-14T20:23:38Z |
Hi --- we were trying to run the IBM object grid java client in cics ts32 when we bumped in an issue/roadblock with:

CEE3250C The system or user abend U 501 R=NULL was issued.
From compile unit /u/itbld/colony/worker/cics.ts.r650/PK59577/source/KE/com/ibm/cics/domains/dfhcdjni.c at entry point
Java_com_ibm_cics_domains_DomainCall_dfhcdjni at compile unit offset -0000077A at entry offset -0000077A at address 24E0A136.

From cics messages and codes, this appears to be a non-initial process thread trying to access cics resources.
This appears to be the case: as per WXS/ObjectGrid-support-folks the object grid client has another thread where it receives responses from. Additonal posts at

Any ideas/thoughts on this issue?