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Pinned topic Empty fields in Properties view

‏2009-10-09T15:53:09Z |
I install Log and Trace Analyzer for Autonomic Computing on an ubuntu by sudoing. I also tested under windows XP.
I launch LTA by sudoing.

When I import some CBE log (it is said valid with XSD by firefox) and I try to modify printed fields, I don't see the ExtendedDataElement field. This bug occures as well under linux as under windows.

Moreover, on linux, when I go to the Properties view, the fields "Extended Data Elements", "Context Data Elements", "Situation" appear but I can't view their values. The situation values make appear a bug window saying to look at the log view, but nothing appear in this view.
Under windows XP, it does not seem to be any problem.
Log and Trace Analyzer for Autonomic Computing 4.2.0.v200609291052-IrDWgXIapGE_oId
generation ID: AC-4.2.1-200610031807
for linux and windows