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Pinned topic Regarding Cube datsource connection on UNIX

‏2009-10-09T09:50:15Z |
Hi All,
We have to make changes in the existing cubes.

I just wanted to know if we have IQD then how cubes on unix box read the information about the datasource connection on unix server.
On windows box we have cognos.ini file in which we have to specify the databse connection information I wanted to know which is the equivalent file on unix box where we have to specify the datsource connection information.

I think we have to build the datasource for cubes in access manager am I right?Is it the place from where cube will read the datasource connection info .if we change it to another environment like dev,QA,or prod then cube will point the same.

We are using transformer 7.4 on unix and we have windows client for the same from where we make changes in MDL file the FTP it to unix box for building the cube.