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Pinned topic DB2 Connect 9.5 for VSE,VSAM,DL/1

‏2009-10-06T19:13:02Z |

I have to connect .net applications with databases (db27.5,VSAM,DL/1) residing on Mainframe VSE.
For this I installed db2 connect enterprise edition 9.5. First I'm trying to connect with db2 database, but after configuring using configuration assistant, on testing connection it makes CPU utilization on server almost 100%, and doesn't respond on client side (where db2 connect is installed).

In server log some TCP/IP initialization errors are there. But similarly when db2 connect personal edition is used for direct connectivity it works fine.

what could be the problem?

Either the problem is with
i. db2 connect enterprise edition 9.5?
ii. db2 server on Mainframe VSE?
iii. TCP/IP problem on server
or with something else?