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Pinned topic Use an Excel-File as a Catalog data source

‏2009-10-05T14:56:50Z |
I am trying to use an Excel File (*.xls) as a data source in the catalog. I did the following steps (I'm using the German version so I'm propably not translating all the field and menue names exactly correct):
1. Catalog --> Databases
2. Add a ODBC DB
3. Chose "Excel files" as the ODBC data source, entered the path to the excel file "C:\temp\test.xls" and removed the "ask for user and passwort"-checkboxes.
4. After clicking the "test"-button I had to chose the file again and the connection has been successfull.
5. Create new Katalog and chose the created DB connection as the database used
6. After clicking ok I get the error message "Database contains no tables"

The Excel file does include data and the area with the data is also named (the same way you have to do it when using the xls directly in Transformer).

Are there any other prerequisites?

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    Re: Use an Excel-File as a Catalog data source

    Did you try this:
    1. Open the *.xls file in Excel.
    2. Click Ctrl-Home, shift, Ctrl-End to select the whole spreadsheet.
    3. select File->Print->Set Print Area.