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Pinned topic The format painter & style sheet of reporting tool

‏2009-10-05T14:15:45Z |
Format Painter
If you have ever used Word or Excel, you must know the useful format painter. RAQ Report also provides a wonderful format painter the same with that in Microsoft Office, and its using method is almost the same. With it, developers can increase the efficiency of report design greatly.
Using method
Single times
Suppose that we are going to copy the format of cell A1 to cell B1.
Step 1: Select cell A1.
Step 2: Click the Format Painter button.
Step 3: Click cell B1.
Several times
In Word and Excel, if we want to copy a format to many places, we need to double click the Format Painter button. In RAQ Report, developers only need to right click the Format Painter button.

Style Sheet
Style sheet is a style template. After defining report styles, such as frame, background, font color and size, developers can save them as a style sheet. Then, when designing a report with same styles, they can select the corresponding style sheet directly.
Using method
Step 1: Select the cell (or report) for template.
Step 2: Click the Style_1 button.
Step 3: Click the cell (or report) to be set.

For the specific of defining, adding and deleting style sheet, please refer to RAQ Report IDE -- Help -- User Manuals -- User_Manual -- 3.6.5 Save cell style to CSS.