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Pinned topic Error While installing RQM V9.0 Standard Version.

‏2009-10-05T06:41:36Z |
I spent about 3 hours trying to download and install Rational Quality Manager v2.0. I followed all of the download and installation
instructions but I am still getting an error. I could not find any reference of it on all of the web documentation. The error appears at the end of the installation using the Installation Manager and says the following files are missing in the last step:

Error installing. 'zip enterprise.server.setup.doc 0.7.0.I20090618-2136' not found in


Please let me know if I am missing something while installing RQM.

I uninstalled and re-installed RQM through 1)xtreme leverage downloads
2) Trial version through IBM website (download and HTTP)

I am getting the same error every time.

I am IBM employee seeking to download this asap to evaluate if we can use this for my project. Kindly help !