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Pinned topic IBM EA tool?

‏2009-09-25T23:06:02Z |
I'm just wondering if there exists some IBM tool for enterprise architecture support.
Something like System architect, or Metis where I can model the architecture of the
whole enterprise. From business architecture through the data and application architecture,
ending with technical architecture.
But what am I really looking for is tool, that provides not only modeling functionalities
but something like relationships management.
Tool that allows me capture and LINK information in multiple areas of an enterprise...from
products to processes to application systems. So with these connections i can determine
the effects of changes.

The reason why I'm looking for the IBM product, is that i have business models/processes created in websphere
business modeler(WBM) and what i need is to connect these processes with the IT/application architecture with some
dependency relationships. Bud i don't want to create/model all the processes from the beginning in the other tool(Metis)
and then connect them with the application architecture.

Ideal situation will be if there exist some IBM tool that allows me:
1) import models created in WBM, so i have some kind of business architecture.
2) model IT architecture( data+application+technology)
3) create connections/dependencies between IT architecture and business architecture

Thanks in advance