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Pinned topic Error to Connect Sybase ODBC in Information Analyzer

‏2009-09-25T14:12:59Z |
Hi All,

Inside the Information Analyzer, Metadata workbench We are getting the following error (refer to the screenshot) when we are trying view source Data sample.

This problem is occuring when we are selecting our Sybase tables(ODBC) but at the same time We can able to view the Data from SQL Server tables doing the same process in Information Analyzer. Though in both cases we are using ODBC connections.

It looks like sysadmin user don't have any access on viewing data if it is connected to information analyzer, which I am not quite agree with, because using the same user (sysadmin) we can have full access on data, when we are using it through information server and both information server and analyzer are in the same server/sandbox.
I think there should be some mismatch on the information analyzer user role and information server user role to access the sybase odbc connection, which can be fixed from the information server side.

Can anybody please look into it and let us know why this problem is being ocurred and what could be the possible solution to encounter this?