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Pinned topic java methods to create xml and wsdl

‏2009-09-24T16:06:31Z |
Hello all...

We're using WDSC to create Java methods in a project. The project will then create a WSDL that will be consumed by outside parties for use on website(s). We are encountering many issues and have resolved many others.

My questions today are related to some new specifications we've been given.

First off, in the new specs, the header record contains version number and date/timestamp information. As it stands now, we haven't had to code for header information as the wizard seems to create that on its own. How do we include these new requirements into our header? Are there specific settings that need to be adjusted?

Secondly, in our new specs, we are being asked to include specific tags...for example, <POS> element1, data element2, data element3 </POS>. We have no problem with the individual data elements but are unsure how to get the actual tags to appear. Is this something that needs to be handled with the Java method? And, if so, how is the best way to handle/code this?

Any assistance is appreciated as our deadline is fast approaching and the modifications to the specifications have now placed us farther behind.