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Pinned topic Equity specification and Minority Interest (E710)

‏2009-09-23T11:22:53Z |
I have created a equity specification with a opening balance, addition accounts to arrive at final share capital.
Following are the settings in the application:
1. Created opening balance account with reconciliation code 'J' and conversion method 'I'.
2. Inputted share capital in start period and copied the closing balance of last year as opening balance in the current working period
3. Created corresponding movement accounts for the minority interest.
4. Used opening balance-equity account in the investment elimination template
4. Used control table E710, in addition to E100 and E106. Have used opening balance-equity account as from account in these control tables

While E100 and E106 are eliminating the investment and share capital, E710 is creating a corresponding minority interest. Please go thru the attachment for further information.