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Pinned topic Capture 5.2 Index and Merge Issue

‏2009-09-18T18:43:31Z |
The system implementation at the client site uses, Capture Professional 5.2 and ADR 5.2. The documents are being run thru the ADR Recognition module for data extraction (Template Recognition). These documents vary in number of pages and only have 2 form types. Since there is a varying number of pages and possibly a single form type to be used multiple times the pages are assigned as a document per page. The documents are to be committed into P8 4.5 CE as a single PDF.
Index Module
The documents values need to be appended and entered into a CE index separately by line. 5.2 Does not appear to give these us this option with the Index module

Example: Each Row of the table is mapped to an ELEMENT of String[] property on document class
(CE index Emp[0]) (Capture Indexes)SNR1:Value | Last Name1:Value |First Name1:Value
(CE index: Emp[1]) (Capture Indexes)SNR2:Value | Last Name2:Value |First Name2:Value

Merge Module
The Merge module in 5.2 currently merges only pages under a document and does not give the option to merge multiple documents into a single multipage Tif to be converted to a PDF and commit only a single PDF document per batch.
1 pagetypeE and 5 pagetypeF each page is being classified as a document and Merge only interacts on the document page level not the batch document level committing 6 single page PDF’s