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Pinned topic Need to run a Unix Shell Script and/or binary file

‏2009-09-17T15:16:21Z |
We have a special requirement to allow messages to be passed from our z/OS V1R9 system to a Tivoli Enterprise Console. Our tech guys downloaded and installed the "postzmsg" program and support files in the USS partition. Now it's up to me to figure out how to use that program from our console automation. Ultimately I'd like to use REXX execs to call it, and I'd like to not have to create and maintain any files on the USS partition.

I've tried to just call the program directly from both an AOPBATCH and BPXBATCH jobs but neither seems to work the same way as calling the program natively. I've written a shell script which I can access via ISPF 3.17, and if I execute that script from there it works. Again, it doesn't work from either AOPBATCH or BPXBATCH. REXX execs from either TSO or USS fail with the "Address Syscall" command.

Is there something that might have been missed when that program was installed? It seems odd that it only works when directly called from a command line or shell script.