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‏2009-09-17T14:31:42Z |
On a pSerie I have installed Red Hat EL 5.3 together with Apache with runs default on port 80.
Also installed the latest 1.3.1 Lx86 environment
In the Lx86 I have installed webmin on port 10000 (default) and Apache http on port 8008.

There is no way I can connect to either program. I can connect to Apache HTTP on port 80 which runs native on the Power. I can FTP / telnet / SSH to other systems.
Is there anything I have to do extra to connect to a daemon running in de Lx86 environment?
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    Re: Apache HTTP two installs

    Hi Sebastian,
    Can you check that Apache is running within the lx86 environment? A ps aux should be sufficient to find this out. Also could you check that there is a process holding port 8008 (netstat -lnp)?

    Karl Martin