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Pinned topic How to get the table info DSY.SYNC_STATS to an iSeries file?

‏2009-09-15T15:38:21Z |
We have a DB2e Sync Server that manages our field peoples mobile devices. I have been given the task to get the data from the table DSY.SYNC_STATS from a DB2e Sync Server over to an iSeries file so it can be used in a WOW application. I have read the DB2 Everplace help topic at, which gives an sql statement. However, I am not understanding where this SQL statement should be used. Or if this is the route I should be taking. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this task?
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    Re: How to get the table info DSY.SYNC_STATS to an iSeries file?

    Hi Bsbrei,

    I think that the information about the Sync Stats is stored only in the mirror database, it is not replicated to the source database. In the DSY schema on the iSeries there are only system tables , but if you open the DB2 Universal Database Control Center in the mirror server and execute the SQL Statement on DSYCSTAT Database

    SELECT SyncOpID, ServerTS, Status
    WHERE UserID = 'nurse1' AND
    ServerTS >= '2004-01-01-00.00.00' AND
    ServerTS <= '2004-12-31-23.59.59'

    You will get your Sync Statistics, in the attachment you can see the screenshot of DB2 Control Center on the mirror server