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Pinned topic IDEBUG won't get to source code

‏2009-09-14T18:30:13Z |

Am RDz, TXS, Windows XP. I have a COBOL/CICS/BMS pgm I need to debug. In point C8 below I get to the source file node but there is no 'gear icon' indicating access to the source code. Might somebody know where I have gone wrong?

Here is what's in my TXS load directory:

13/09/2009 10:13 PM 23,597 DD10P04.bnd
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 358,652 DD10P04.cbl
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 350,580 DD10P04.ccp
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 78 DD10P04.def
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 256,512 DD10P04.ibmcob
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 426 DD10P04.ibmcob.exp
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 2,596 DD10P04.ibmcob.lib
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 493,303 DD10P04.lis
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 2,965,429 DD10P04.lst
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 247,289 DD10P04.OBJ
13/09/2009 10:16 PM 139,174 DD10P04.SQB
13/09/2009 10:13 PM 2,377 DD10P04.xrf

Here are instructions sent to me by Richard ? moons ago and they certainly worked then ...

B. Setting up the Debug profile from RDz:
1. From the File Menu Bar in RDz select Run -> Debug Configurations
2. In the Debug Configurations Wizard select Attach to a Running Process, right mouse button and select new
3. Name the new debug profile *Note a project does not have to be selected for this debug profile
4. For the Process ID field select Browse. Find and select the "cicsas.exe" thread
5. Select Debug

Now the RDz debugger should be attached to the thread where the TXSeries applications are being executed. Next breakpoints need to be added to stop when the CICS application is executed.

C. Loading the Application into the Debuger:
1. In the Debug Perspective click on the Breakpoints view, typically in the top right view
2. In the Breakpoints view, right mouse button and select Add Breakpoint -> Load...
3. Type the file name of the CICS application including the file extension and click finish
4. Click the Resume Button in the Debugger
5. Start the transaction for the CICS Application
6. The debugger should stop when the application is loaded
7. In RDz, in the debugger view, select the Modules View, this view is typically in the upper right view
8. There should be a module present for the application that is being run, expand the module until the source file node is displayed, this node has a gear icon next to it. Double clicking on this node will bring up the source file in the debug editor

... but in point C8 I do not see the 'gear icon'. I have attached a picture that illustrates the situation. Feel I have missed something simple.

Help would be appreciated, thanks
Graham Hobbs

P.S. In addition, can anybody tell me which of the files shown in the dir above are:
a) needed for running a transaction (I know the dir doesn't show the BMS)
b) needed if I need to run an idebug
c) would the above procedure be true if I upgraded to TXS 7.1