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Pinned topic Integral SDS cannot be confgured as "Tranlog"

‏2009-09-10T09:10:58Z |
I have a running IS system using MSAR as primary without tranlog. If I want to use SDS (e.g. Snap lock) as compliance copy, how can I do ? I means how to copy the current data into SDS device as primary while convert the existing MSAR surface into tranlog ? Any idea is welcome..
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    Re: Integral SDS cannot be confgured as "Tranlog"

    I've only setup SDS to Centera, not snaplock, and that was a long time ago.
    I do not have access to an IS system configured for SDS, so I'm speaking from memory only, not fact.

    Retrieval performance - in my opinion you'd be better of retrieving from your MSAR 1st.
    (Unless your MSAR files does not reside on fast disks locally attached to your server)

    IS does not support a transaction log family on an SDS device.

    You setup your Primary Family (MSAR) to commit to your SDS device as well.

    If you must have your SDS behave as "Primary", meaning retrievals are done from SDS 1st, and not MSAR, you can set the SDS unit retrieval priority to high.

    Have a look at the IS 4.1.2 SDS Guidelines, it is all explained there.