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I've written a chapter on designing batch applications for an upcoming redbook on batch modernization. I've posted a draft of this chapter at: . The summary of the chapter:

The purpose of this chapter is to introduce a set of design patterns and development approaches for batch applications. Designing applications can be a challenging task. On the one hand, the current problem must be solved; on the other hand however, the implementation must be flexible enough to easily adopt future requirements. More over, the slightest inefficiencies in processing a single record will be exacerbated by the sheer volume of records to be processed. Object-oriented (OO) programming techniques, when applied well, is an important tool for building agile applications, but OO is still a programming technique, and doesn’t provide any standard template of sorts to solve a particular class of problems. Design patterns provide a reusable template for solving a particular type of problem.

This chapter will discuss the importance of the separation of concerns applied through encapsulation and componentization, which important for building agile applications, as well as how to share services across batch and OLTP.

Thanks, Snehal
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    Re: Paper on designing batch applications


    I recently presented Designing Batch Applications at the Java Batch conference in Zurich The abstract is as follows:
    Designing batch applications can be challenging task. Both agility and performance are critical, where services can be shared across different domains: batch, online transactional processing, MQ/real-time, etc without sacrificing the performance optimizations that each domain brings to the table. This session will discuss design patterns, methodologies, principles for building agile, high performance batch applications.

    You can download the slides at: The sessions were recorded, and should be posted online soon. I'll update this thread with the link.