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Pinned topic PollsetSelectorImpl is hanging on AIX

‏2009-09-05T08:06:40Z |

I am using java java.nio.channels in my server, and seem to hit the following issue randomly in & FileDispatcher.preClose.The same code works fine on Solaris, Linux and Windows. This may be an issue with the AIX implementation of the Selector or FileDispatcher.preClose.

PollsetArrayWrapper.pollsetPoll(int, long, int, long) line: not available native method
PollsetArrayWrapper.poll(long) line: 232
PollsetSelectorImpl.doSelect(long) line: 62
PollsetSelectorImpl(SelectorImpl).lockAndDoSelect(long) line: 69
PollsetSelectorImpl(SelectorImpl).select(long) line: 80
PollsetSelectorImpl(SelectorImpl).select() line: 84 line: 108
ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Runnable) line: 886
ThreadPoolExecutor$ line: 908 line: 735

Thread Thread-2 (Suspended)
FileDispatcher.preClose0(FileDescriptor) line: not available native method
SocketDispatcher.preClose(FileDescriptor) line: 53
ServerSocketChannelImpl.implCloseSelectableChannel() line: 248
ServerSocketChannelImpl(AbstractSelectableChannel).implCloseChannel() line: 212
ServerSocketChannelImpl(AbstractInterruptibleChannel).close() line: 97
ServerSocketAdaptor.close() line: 145

Thanks in advance,