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Pinned topic "cellsdk_sync_simulator install" fix

‏2009-09-02T12:34:32Z |

installation of additional rpms by calling /opt/cell/cell_sync_simulator with the script's install option does not work. The system image is not mounted in rw mode and noarch rpms are completely ignored.

Attached are the changes to the script that made it work for me:

1) noarch rpms get installed along with ppc and ppc64 rpms.
2) Changed the sed expression that is used to create a temporary copy of the toplevel systemsim.tcl script (installrpms.tcl).

Installed versions:

SDK (Fedora)
SDK FixPack01 i386
BSC SDK OpenSrc Components Update x86
systemsim-cell 3.1-25.f9.i386

Regards, Oliver
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    Re: "cellsdk_sync_simulator install" fix

    how to use the patch?