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‏2009-08-31T16:05:28Z |
Hi Everybody,

I've installed DB2e in a development environment without any problems, now I'm trying to do the same to install db2e in a Production Server, I entered the default parameters during the instalation:

DB2e 9.1 fixpack 4
Windows Server 2003 SP 2
Server Name: IBMDB2eServer
Server Port : 8080
SSL Port: 9558
UserID: db2admin
password: db2admin

When I try to Verify that the DB2 Everyplace Sync Server servlet is running correctly by going to http://localhost:8080/db2e/db2erdb the web browser prompt for a UserName and a Password (It didnt happen when I installed DB2e in my development server), I enter as userid and password : db2admin , but it returns an error (See attached file).

I can subscribe tables, create subscription sets, groups and users without problems throught Mobile Devices Administration center, but when I try to synchronize a Mobile Device I get the error DSYC0304F (logon failed)

Can someone help me with that problem?