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‏2009-08-28T14:16:17Z |
I'm attempting to demo an Open Source BI product called Pentaho, and use it's ETL tool-set to create some reporting and dashboarding for our customers.

My struggle is the JDBC connection error I'm getting, which is less than informative. "Message text will be provided in later releases" I'm connecting to a Misys Tiger AIX server, running Informix.

I've scoured the web and determined this is usually due to url errors, but I think this is right:


In my usqlcs.log, I see many Protocol Error: FrameRead:bad magic errors.

Any guidance would be appreciated for this noob... ;)
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    Re: Informix Connection Errors


    This is of course several years later -- but did you ever make any progress on this?

    I'm currently facing a similar issue trying to connect to an Informix database for Misys.