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Pinned topic How to use -XX:+TraceClassloading java option

‏2009-08-27T16:08:08Z |
I have given -XX:+TraceClassloading java option in my weblogic (9.2) in order to collect the classes being loaded when my application runs.

I am unaware from where to collect the log created? or do we have to specify somehow about the log file

I tried to check the following logs, which does not contain any information regarding the same
1. console.log
2. AdminServer.log
3. VerboseGC.log (ofcourse, this was useless attemp, still I poked into it)

I am afraid that I am not using this option perfectly, please provide me proper MEM_ARGS to use the same. And tell me from where to collect the loaded classes...

PS: JDK1.1.5 with Java9 Security Patch has been used
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    Re: How to use -XX:+TraceClassloading java option

    I searched alot and came to the realization that I am using option which is available as Sun Java option, please help me with the IBM JVM Option substitute for the same.

    Does any one have the list (as link maybe) where I can find corresponding JVM option for sun and IBM.

    I need to look for options corresponding to -XX:MaxnewSize, -XX:newSize and other vm related to nursery and tenured specifications, also.

    Is there any other way to know class being loaded at application startup (this is regarding TraceClassLoading jvm option)