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Pinned topic Alerts Definition with MyAlerts Portlet

‏2009-08-25T13:58:13Z |
Hello :

I have been trying to get a sample Alerts application to work in my local workspace. I have completed the following steps so far:
1) Created a Service Definition and SQL Call to retrieve data from the database and able to display it.
2) Created a Service Consumer builder that references the model in Step 1.

I would like to use these above models with the pre-packaged MyAlerts portlet that comes with the Portlet Factory to define an "Alert Data" builder and be able to look at Alerts ( based on some threshold values).
Please tell me how to expose the data that is retrieved in the Step 1 above ( SQL column) in the MyAlerts portlet.

It would be very helpful if there is some kind of sample code that shows something similar to this.

Thanks in advance
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    Re: Alerts Definition with MyAlerts Portlet

    Hi, Which WebSphere Dashboard Framework version are you using? If it's 6.1.2, it contains a feature set named as Tutorial Sample Application, and it has a sample for you to refer.

    The most common case of using Alert Data builder is to add this builder to the Service Provide model (or say the model you created in your step #1). And in this builder, you need to specify a method that returns XML data, and specify the XML schema, then map some variables with the elements in this XML data. Then when you deployed your project, you can create a Script-base alert definition in ManageAlerts portlet, and these variables could be used when you define the logic and display.