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Pinned topic Problem with EURO € Simbol in IDS 11.10.0000 FC2.

‏2009-08-18T16:08:53Z |
I migrate from Informix 7 to IDS 11.10.0000 FC2.

When i try to insert o show (old data) with characters special,
example €,italian caracters, we receive a run time error:

Run time error '40002':
S100:InformixInformix ODBC DriverUnspecified System Error =

We store data in diferents languages Spanish, Portuguese,
English,Italian, German and French.
ODBC : IBM Informix ODBC Driver Setup Utility 3.00.0000 3.00.TC3
IDS :11.10.0000 FC2.
Clients :Windows XP access to server using ODBC ->DSN

What i need to do?

Any help will be aprecciated.

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    Re: Problem with EURO € Simbol in IDS 11.10.0000 FC2.

    Hello Abelardo:

    I suffered a similar problem with € symbol.

    We changed the Connect Version in our clients, and the € symbol started to cause the -21005 error. As far as I know, the problem is not on the server side, but on the client Side (or at least, in the character conversion between server locale and client locale). Open a session from the client and execute a onstat -g env for this session. You should search for the DB_LOCALE, CLIENT_LOCALE and SERVER_LOCALE and post them here. Maybe this would help us to get a solution.

    Best Regards.