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Pinned topic 64 Bit Linux on HS20 ( 8832 )

‏2009-08-13T09:54:21Z |

I am trying to install x86_64 RHEL V4.6 on an HS20 Blade ( 8832 - 21X )

But it comes up with the message

"Your CPU does not support long mode - Use a 32 bit distribution"

However when I look at the support pages of IBM and RedHat both say it is supported.

Any ideas ?


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    Re: 64 Bit Linux on HS20 ( 8832 )

    Looks like you already asked in the System X Server forum. My reading of the reply there suggests that either you don't have a processor with EMT64 support or you need a BIOS upgrade if you do have one. Check the Support for IBM systems pages for your model to get further information and to download BIOS or other updates.

    Ian Shields