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Pinned topic Using RQM with offshore teams - what are the possibilities?

‏2009-08-12T19:39:04Z |
Hello -

We are currently using CQTM on a large project but we're running into difficulty when engaging offshore QA teams. We have 3 different sites who need to be testing, and we need a centralized reporting/logging/management tools - RQM sounds ideal.

We're primarily using Manual Test scripts. Currently, we keep all of the test scripts in ClearCase and the remote testers are using CCRC to get to them. Unfortunately, CQTM is having all sorts of problems launching scripts/suites when running in the full client and it doesn't work at all in web client.

Has anyone used RQM in an offshore environment? I'm hoping that it could be a solution for us! Any advice appreciated!

thanks , Dave