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‏2009-08-10T20:03:37Z |
I am in the middle of the operation.
I am trying to access CICS program from non CICS program, I have one program that access the CICS program(that program comes with CICS TX series installation in sample folder)
When ever I call my CICS program I get the error "ECI returned: ECI_ERR_TRANSACTION_ABEND"
As I am accessing CICS program then It should behave like server and it should be up before running the client program
My question is , should I write socket program using CICS transaction that will always listen on some port and my client program will connect to that server?
If some one has better understanding of accessing CICS from non CICS , Please explain me. I am using ECI call in C program to access the CICS server.
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    Re: Access CICS from non CICS program


    The ECI_ERR_TRANSACTION_ABEND from the ECI client means, the Server side transaction which invoked from the client abnormally terminated (abend) and so you are getting this error from you ECI application. So you need to check the CICS region side logs to find the cause of the transaction abend. You can check the following logs in CICS regions side logs to get more details about the transaction abend on CICS region side.


    Sreejith N