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Pinned topic Where can I find samples about setting up security level to each roles ?

‏2009-08-09T11:36:51Z |
I am new to RPM. The online help and flash tutorials give helpful guides to learning RPM's functions and features. But I am confused by RPM's security level setting. The online help seems not very clear about this.
For example :

1. If I want give members the right to add/modify/remove tasks beneath summary task assigned by project manager but they self can't delete summary tasks . How do I set their security level ?

2. If I assign create/ delete project rights to 2 resources, for example A and B. A will have the right to delete the project created by B once A is an member of B's project. Why ? Shouldn't only B have the right to delete his own projects ? (except administrator)

3. Why project manager can't open project description view ? Isn't it enough to give resource the Project Manager of Exec Access Level ?

Thanks for any suggestion .
It would be great if I can find samples form somewhere.