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‏2009-08-06T16:58:23Z |
I'm trying to create a remote connection from the Data Studio Administration Console V2.1 to DB2 9.7 Workgroup Server Edition. The connection attempt fails when I select any form of encryption in the Add Connection wizard. Is encryption supported? If not, why is it a selectable item? If so, what do I need to do at the client (SLED 10 SP2) and server (SLES 10 SP2)?
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    Re: Encryption

    Hi Jeff,

    Sorry for a late response, I suppose you are using DSAC V1.2.

    The security mechanism provided in the connection management align with the security mechanism of data server side.

    if you wanna use encryption format to connect to the monitored data server, you need to make sure the monitored data server has the corresponding setting of the server authentication types.

    You can get more information of DB2 V9.7 server authentication types on infocenter.

    The default value is SERVER, which means you need to choose the userid/pwd in the connection mgmt option in DSAC UI to connect to the managed data server. In your case, you can update the monitored data server authentication type to SERVER_ENCRYPT, or DATA_ENCRYPT.
    db2 update dbm cfg using authentcation SERVER_ENCRYPT

    pls let us know if you have further question regarding this.