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‏2009-08-06T13:30:01Z |
With the plans for Optim Database Adminstrator to replace Control Center & Task Center is there any GUI based tool to replace Task Center? Or will all scheduled task have to be maintained via the admistrative task stored procedure?
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    Re: Scheduling Tasks

    Just so that we're on the same page:

    Optim Database Administrator 2.2 is a priced product with advanced data-preserving schema change management capabilities, and isn't a no-charge replacement for the Control Center & Task Center software.

    IBM Data Studio 2.2 is no-charge tooling for IBM databases. I'm using both it and the Control Center & Task Center software depending on my needs at the time.

    There haven't been any announced plans for adding scheduling to IBM Data Studio as of yet, so would suggest that you subscribe to the Data Studio forum too and watch for future announcements.