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Pinned topic Inspection checklists for RUP artifacts?

‏2009-08-05T22:19:58Z |
I'm interested in finding some RUP quality review checklists to support inspections/reviews.
Requirements level - Business Use Case
Logical Design

I'd rather not create from scratch if anyone has some that have worked well for your organizations.
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    Re: Inspection checklists for RUP artifacts?

    Hello, I believe that your organization has leveraged RUP to create your new in-house development process, so you should have access to RUP and the templates/checklists that ship with it. Check with the process adoption manager in your office. He/she should be able to point you to where you need to go to find the content you are looking for. There is a checklist entitled "Checklist: Business Use Case Model" that should do the trick for you.