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Pinned topic Concurrent users in IBM Metadata Workbench and Business Glossary

‏2009-08-05T06:24:39Z |
Hi all,
Please provide me with some information regarding the below mentioned features in IBM Business Glossary and Metadata Workbench:

1)Concurrent access( .i.e. Repository tool must provide the means to manage conflict when two or more users attempt to manipulate the same metadata.)

2)Error recovery (.i.e. Repository tool should provide the necessary means for recovering errors that may occur due to problems saving and restoring the metadata from the physical medium.)

3)Flexible meta model(.i.e. Repository tool should provide a fully extensible meta model that will let the tool interface with any source with little or no modification to the meta model. (provide adequate foundation for both technical and business metadata))

4)Ability to (add) additional tables or columns to the metadata model
5)Ability to support multiple environments (dev, test, prod) in the data model

Thank you for your help in advance.
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    Re: Concurrent users in IBM Metadata Workbench and Business Glossary


    These are very broad questions. I assume this forum is more appropriate for more specific questions.

    I suggest you contact official IBM sales to get in depth answers.
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    Re: Concurrent users in IBM Metadata Workbench and Business Glossary

    Sounds like you are trying to complete a vendor evaluation.
    1) The Information Server has standard multiple user client/server protection. Two people cannot modify the same thing at the same time.
    2) Refer to 1. I recommend frequent backups regardless of what application you are using.
    3) Information Server uses metadata brokers from MITI Inc. The same brokers used by Business Objects, Informatica, ErWin and a bunch of other vendors. It can import technical metadata from most mainstream BI, DI and modelling tools and has a flexible meta model in that it can store metadata from those tools. For business metadata it mostly just supports the IBM Business Glossary and the metadata from BI tools.
    4) You can add custom attributes to your business glossary via the front end so business metadata can be modified. Technical metadata should not need modification of any type, you have standard bridges for technical metadata, once you start extending the model and modifying bridges your metadata repository gets a massive admin/maintenance overhead and is doomed. The bridges come with some options to change what technical metadata is imported.
    5) You can have a metadata repository in each env (dev, qa and prod). You have to pay for separate licenses. If you try and mix them into the same metadata repository you are just asking for trouble though it can be done. It is fairly easy to separate DataStage and Information Analyzer metadata just through separate projects but I don't know how you would manage metadata imported from other products.

    Vincent McBurney
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    Re: Concurrent users in IBM Metadata Workbench and Business Glossary

    First of all Thank You very much for your useful reply..

    Some more features i need to know in the same tools:
    1)Change management-Repository tool must be able to store and track versions of the metadata.
    2) Publish metamodel-The tool provides a meta model of the repository database itself and it is well documented.
    3)Validate integrity and consistency-Repository tool must provide the means for regularly checking and validating the integrity
    4)Internal scheduling functionality
    5)Ease of use (modifying, adding, etc) for data stewards
    6)Provision for metadata search capability

    Thanks in advance