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Pinned topic Unable to download required files to continue with Ajax Tutorial

‏2009-07-29T17:39:15Z |
Can anyone please give me a clue as to how I can continue with the tutorial "Using Ajax with PHP and Sajax" as I can't download the additional files (eg: /includes/header.html, /content/pre-content.html, /content/footer.html, etc...)

The link to "Resources" is pretty useless, and the "Download" link presents you with one link only, for "Source code for PHP application", filename: "", Download method = HTTP. This just produces a blank page.

Although I'm sure I could put the basics in and work out some CSS formatting, DHTML, etc., these files might include other code which would obviously result in functionality and formatting errors.

Please help as this tut is on my wavelength - other tut's just don't seem to sink in!